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The Power of Digital Logbooks


Going about a normal day of work at PLANELOGIX, I stumbled upon section (d)(1) of AD 2009-05-05. It says this:

(1) Do a logbook check of aircraft records (previously referred to in AD 2008-06-28 R1 as "maintenance records") to determine if any PDF (P/Ns 700-00006-0000, 700-00006-001, 700-00006-002, 700-00006-003, or 700-00006-100) with any affected serial number listed in Avidyne Service Bulletin No. 601-00006-096, Revision 1, dated July 14th, 2008, is installed.

Don’t you wish there was an easier way to do this? There is!

At PLANELOGIX we provide an FAA compliant digital copy of all of your maintenance records and documents associated with your aircraft. This allows for everything to become instantly searchable.

We provide a variety of different plans, however, our ultimate plan is the most popular by far. With this plan we scan all of your documents associated with your aircraft and transcribe all of your maintenance records by hand to allow for better searchability. We also organize all important documents like FAA 337s, 8130s, STCs, ICAs, etc. so they can be quickly and easily found. On top of all of that, we complete a maintenance tracking profile curated to your aircraft based on your most recent AD compliance report and maintenance entries. This helps us identify which items are overdue or nearing overdue so that we can alert you of important discrepancies. 

Our ultimate goal is to take the weight off of your shoulders and provide the community with an easy and efficient way to keep up with their aircraft. Here is what the searchable and hand-typed maintenance records look like in real time:


The world is your oyster! You can search by logbook, TTAF, date, key words, etc. This allows for you to find what you are looking for quickly and accurately! Our maintenance tracking system is arguably the most beneficial feature we provide to our customers. Our team at PLANELOGIX is able to curate a custom maintenance tracking profile based on your most recent AD compliance report and maintenance history. We are then able to track recurring ADs, FARs, ICAs, product replacements, oil changes and more!

The reason this feature is so important is that as you get work done on your aircraft, say it has just come out of annual, you or your mechanic send over any new documentation, which we then input into the system, and we provide you with your updated tracking items report. This allows you to stay on top of inspections and make sure your aircraft is always in compliance.

Customers are also able to customize their notifications for each tracking item - meaning you can decide how often you would like to be notified that you are nearing overdue or overdue on an item.

Our system also provides recommended items based off of the FAA website for each individual aircraft - you are not required to track these items but they can be good to check over with your mechanic to ensure you aren’t missing any required inspections.

In addition to our digital, hand-typed maintenance records and tracking items profile, customers can also create squawks to share with co-owners or mechanics. Once reconciled, these squawks can also be linked to the maintenance entry in which they were completed. We also keep a detailed time log for your aircraft - this allows for better accuracy when tracking certain items based on TTAF. We also offer an FAA compliant hard copy binder! Once your logbooks have been scanned and uploaded, and your maintenance tracking profile is complete, customers can opt to purchase our hard copy binder which includes a copy of all important documents and maintenance entries. This provides customers with a copy of their records that they can keep in the aircraft without worrying about damaging or losing the originals! Each binder can be customized with a custom metal name plate, with customizable binder tabs for better organization of all of your documents. Subscribers to our binder plan receive printed and shipped updates to keep the binder in sync with our online system.

Here at PLANELOGIX, our goal is to provide our customers with a service that essentially takes all of the weight off of their shoulders when it comes to the maintenance of their aircraft. Never worry about damaging or losing your logbooks again! Our service allows our customers to keep their original logbooks in a safe place, while having access to all important documents and maintenance entries at all times.

If you’re interested in giving our service a try, feel free to email us at or give us a call at 919-903-9390! We would love to give you more information and answer any questions you may have.