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PlaneLogiX Planes - Around the World in a Bo'


We're proud of our customers for many reasons, such as choosing the right service to handle their precious records and using us to actively improve their flight safety. Many of our customers are accomplished pilots and all of our customers have one thing in common: they take excellent care of their airplanes. Every now and then our customers do something amazing that we must share!

Featured here is Adam Broome who is flying around the world in his meticulously maintained (trust us, we know his records!) A36 Bonanza. We doubt you will find an A36 that is better equipped and cared for than 5831R. Here's a fun fact, this 1983 airplane has had over 650 parts installed in its lifetime! It has close to 40 STCs including Wing Tip Tanks, AmSafe Inflatable Restraints, built in oxygen, and TKS Anti-Icing. 5831R is running the IO-550-R with the Whirlwind turbo normalizing kit (here's a great write up explaining turbo normalizing vs turbo charging).

Adam is trusting us with his records on this around the world trip. Should he require maintenance in a far away country, he will be able to access his records and instantly find anything he needs. On a flight this long, carrying those logbooks can make a big difference in fuel costs! Knowing he can leave them behind and access them anytime (or download a PDF in case he doesn't have internet) adds peace of mind and simplifies one aspect of an otherwise complicated endeavor.