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PlaneLogiX Planes - Turbine Amphibian


We're Proud of our PlaneLogiX Planes!

We're proud of our customers for many reasons, such as choosing the right service to handle their precious records and using us to actively improve their flight safety.

Many of our customers are accomplished pilots and all of our customers have one thing in common: they take excellent care of their airplanes, and every now and then we like to share some of our customer's airplanes!

Featured here is the "James Bond" style seaplane known as the Super Seawind, owned and built by Steve Wightman. Fun Fact: This plane has a turbprop engine from a King Air - making it the fastest single engine Amphibian Plane in the world! Just how fast is it? It can reach 182 knots (209 MPH), which exceeds the previous world speed record for a single-engine amphibious plane by 27 MPH. It can also climb at an astonishing 2500 FPM and has a useful load of 1181 lbs. This summer Steve is attempting to beat world records in the following categories: speed, endurance, altitude, and time to climb. We'll keep you updated on the results, and you can follow along on his website which we updates weekly.

Here are some cool stats from Steve's site (linked below):

  Super Seawind Dornier Seastar Cirrus SR22-G5-GTS
Engine PT6A-20, 550 HP PT6A-35A, 650 HP IO 550N, 310 HP
Number of engines 1 2 1
Length in feet 27.2 41.5 26 Feet
Height in feet 10.2 15.75 8.9 feet
Wingspan in feet 35 58.2 38.4
Wing area in Sq. Feet 160 329 144.9
Wing aspect ration 10:1
Height in feet 10.2
Crew controls and seating 2 2 2
Passenger seats; maximum 3 12 3
Cabin width in inches; Front/Rear 52/54 64 49
Cabin Height in inches 54 50
Cabin length in inches 105 157
Cabin volume in cubic feet 348
Baggage capacity in LBS/cubic feet 200/11 397
ROC VY and VX in Knots, MTOW 86/65
Max Sea Level Rate of Climb in FPM 3200 GW 3000 1300 1270
Max Take Off Weigth in pounds 3950 10141 3600
Empty Weight 2769 7230 2365
Useful Load 1181 2911 1235
Fuel Jet A Jet A AV Gas
Max Usable Fuel; STD/LR mid tank/ LBS 108/142/968 458 81
Endurance in hours at efficient Power Setting and 1 Hr Reserve 4/6 4.3
Max Landing Wts; Land/Water 3950/3400 9,920/10,141
Payload With Max Fuel, LBS; Std/Mid LR tank 446/213 749
Weights with full fuel in wing/center tanks 3504/3737
Wing Loading Per Sq Foot 20.81 24.8
Power Loading Per Horsepower 10.97 11.6
High Speed Cruise TAS/FL 222/200 180 180
Take off Distance over 50 Ft; Land/Water-Max Power, MTOW 1175/1450 1850/2500 1756
Take off Distance over 50 Ft; Land/Water-Max Power, 91% MTOW 800/1000
Take off Distance over 50 Ft; Land/Water-Max Power, 81% MTOW 610/820
Landing Roll ISA; 50 Ft L/W 1300/1150 2250/2840 1178
Knots Stall Speed, 0/40 Degree Flaps Landing Config 63/45 69 60
Glide ratio, propeller feathered automatically 10.9/1
Max operating Altitude in feet 24000 15000 17500
GPS Systems, number of 3
Number of Avionics systems 3 2
IFR Certified Yes
Primary Panel G-900
Synthetic Vision Yes No
Engine Fire Supression System, Automatic Yes No No
Oxygen, Two Place to FL 240 Yes No No
Propeller blade number 5 3
Water freeboard in inches 13
Recent published sale price $6.2 M $605,900