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What's So Great About Transcribed Maintenance Records?


We've seen some great examples of how TO manage your maintenance records, and seen some wild examples of how NOT TO manage maintenance records.

Regardless of your level of organization, however, there will always be room for more backups and more redundancy. Static backups are only useful to a point. If you don't carefully plan out your contingency plan, you may very well find yourself in a situation where you thought you had backed up your maintenance records digitally, but lo and behold the file is nowhere to be found. When we backup your data, we back it up to more than 5 locations locally and at least one location in the cloud (and it’s actually far more persistent than that). Managing your documents is our specialty, so if you were to lose your logbooks (and potentially jeopardize up to 50% of your aircraft's value), we will instantly be able to pull up all of your maintenance records from our highly organized systems.


How many times have you thought to yourself, "I wonder when the last time I had my vacuum pump replaced?"

Once digitized and transcribed, backups of your maintenance records can become far more useful and powerful when all that data from your logbooks is put to work for you. The digital era allows us to very quickly see where mechanics make calculation errors on your aircraft times (we've found errors in basically all of our customer's logbooks... sometimes as high as a few hundred hours!), allows us to generate thorough reports through automated systems, and much more. Even better- your data is now very lightweight and mobile, and can be instantly accessed through a variety of devices.


Keeping your maintenance records in your plane is hazardous. Keeping them with your mechanic is also potentially hazardous. Explore your options!

We all know flying with maintenance records is never a good idea- but what if you could fly with your maintenance records all of the time, without putting the originals in harm's way? Now you can- and if you ever have an issue and have to land at a foreign airport, we’ll be right behind you ready to get you and the mechanic your logbooks instantly. What's more, now you can give maintenance shops access to all of your maintenance records instantly, without ever having to part with the precious originals. Digitized records should help keep your mechanic turning wrenches, and spending 90% less time flipping through your logbooks with our helpful word search capabilities.