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Introducing PLANELOGIX Aircraft Listings


Present your aircraft to potential buyers like never before...

Imagine, for a second, the process of listing your aircraft for sale. First, you need to scan your logbooks. Then you need to list out all the important parts (we call them primary equipment), all the times (such as TMSOH on your engine(s)), add contact information, a description, and photos. Great, your listing is done. But wait, you probably will still fly your aircraft before it sells. That means you need to go back in and update the times. If you get a new maintenance entry, your scanned logbooks you uploaded are already stale too. Time for a pre-buy? Get ready to part with your the logbooks...😨

What if there was a better way?

Well, the good news is there is a much better way now! Here at PLANELOGIX we hate the need for double-entering data. If you have your aircraft on our system, then you have already done the majority of the work needed to make an aircraft listing. This is why we made a new feature where, with just a single click, you can instantly list your aircraft for sale. That's it! One click and boom, your aircraft is on our public listing page.

All of the times for your components are displayed intelligently, every primary part you track is automatically displayed on your listing, and we protect your email address from the outside world by directly sending you any messages your listing receives from outside buyers. You get the information securely from our server and you get to choose whether or not you want to respond to the inquiry.

But it gets even better - especially when it's time for that pre-buy...

Doing pre-buy research with PLANELOGIX is almost too easy. Buyers can see absolutely everything there is to see about your aircraft, and even use our keyword searching to filter through your logbooks for any words they want to find - like AD, Garmin, an STC number, etc. The best part: you don't need to part with your logbooks until you transfer possession of the aircraft! This reduces the risk of loss or damage to your logbooks to zero and allows you to have multiple parties conduct pre-buys simultaneously!

PLANELOGIX is the only aircraft listing platform that lets multiple potential buyers do thorough pre-buys simultaneously and without having to contact or trouble you to send them your logbooks. Not only can they see your logbooks through the platform, they can see all the statuses for your tracking items and instantly understand when particular items are coming due - in real time and updated as you fly your aircraft while it's listed! Further, the system will generate links and text you can copy and paste to share with people and include in other listings elsewhere. These links will bring people either directly to your listing, or instantly log them into PLANELOGIX as read-only guests of your account. It just couldn't be easier!


Want to see your aircraft on our Listings Page?

Getting started is easy and entirely free! You can have your listing up in 4 easy steps, all of which takes less than 5-10 minutes:

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Add your logbooks (read our docs for easy step-by-step instructions).
  • Generate a listing with one click from your aircraft settings page.
  • Add optional listing information such as price, description, photos and contact information. Upload the scans of your logbooks and add some tracking items and component times to juice up your listing.

    Or, contact us for help and we can do the heavy lifting for you!