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Airbly is Integrated Into PLANELOGIX


We're excited to announce that Airbly customers can now have their aircraft and engine times and cycles automatically update (and drive) the PLANELOGIX maintenance tracking system.

What is Airbly?

Airbly is a hardware and software solution to automatically record and track your aircraft usage. They provide location tracking, flight logs, automated aircraft times, and more.


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Why are Airbly and PLANELOGIX a Good Fit?

PLANELOGIX has the most sophisticated digital maintenance logbook and maintenance tracking platform available for all of General Aviation. Airbly has perfected the science behind tracking your aircraft's flight time in a small and portable box. By combining the power of PLANELOGIX with Airbly's hardware solution, you can have your maintenance tracking items automatically update their next due times without having to login to PLANELOGIX.

Easy to Get Started

Once you have your Airbly account up and running, simply enter in your Airbly Read-only key under Third Party Integrations from within the aircraft settings page (requires login) on PLANELOGIX. Then sit back and watch as your PLANELOGIX time log is magically updated as you fly!