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Introducing the PlaneLogiX Digital POH


 Do you ever have a nagging question at home about your airplane that you can't answer because your POH is resting in the airplane? Ever feel hesitant to open your POH because of the daunting amount of material in it?


We’re excited to announce our solution to this problem through the release of our digital POH service!

Your Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) serves as a valuable tool both in the air and on the ground. Loaded with information including important "V-Speeds", performance charts, weight and balance data, critical supplements and more. Before flying in any GA airplane, regardless if you are a pilot-passenger or renter, reading through POH is a always good idea. If you own an airplane, reading the POH is a no-brainer.

There is a lot of information packed in the POH and sometimes it may not be easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Our POH digitization package will make it easy for you to find just about anything contained in the POH.

Feature Examples:

  1. Full-text search will enable you to find buzz-words like "Hobbs" or "squat-switch" if they are contained in the document (ever wondered if your POH provides guidance as to whether the Hobbs meter is tied to your landing gear squat switch or engine oil pressure?)
  2. Completely indexed chapters complete with hyperlinks make it a snap to navigate through the POH.
  3. Organized supplements, 337s, STCs and other important documents we find contained in your POH will be added to the chapter index so you can find them easily.
  4. Properly Oriented and indexed performance charts make performing calculations simple.

The benefits of having a digital copy of your POH are numerous. Firstly, you have a backup incase anything happens to the original. Secondly, you have the ability to locate just about anything you could want to know about your airplane instantly. Flight schools, private owners, flight operations, and more can easily benefit from having digital POH’s at their disposal.

Take a look at our Demo POH here: Digital POH Demo We charge different rates depending on the type of airplane (piston, turboprop, or jet) per POH conversion. For current rates, please inquire. Happy flying!